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What You'll Learn

  • The importance of getting the right story to the right audience
  • How lack of innovation in local news has failed local audiences
  • A tale of evolving entrepreneurship, beginning with exotic fish sales

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It goes without saying that the more connected we’ve become – the world, and the events reported around it, have changed; with information traveling the fastest it ever has, the role of storytellers has evolved and there’s nothing that stands in the way of telling the goings on from every which end. And still, while the world continues to get “smaller,” it’s becoming continually challenging to know the happenings taking place in your own neighborhood. Kate Gardiner has spent her many years in and around the journalism world being a voice from an often unheard vantage point – whether it’s reporting in the isolated community of Molokaʻi or growing a network of professional women via theLi.st – and even in her work today as founder of audience engagement firm, DSTL. Kate’s goal is simple: to build bigger and better communities and to connect them with the information they need to continue to grow.

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