Heather Wagner Reed

From Beyoncé’s Side to PR Brilliance

Juice Consulting

Heather Wagner Reed

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What You'll Learn

  • Community engagement and strategic alliances are crucial in PR.
  • Storytelling is at the core of building a strong brand identity.
  • Heather’s career evolved from working closely with Beyoncé to running Juice Consulting.
  • Navigating the challenges and rewards of managing a boutique agency.

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Episode Overview

Heather Wagner Reed is a force to be reckoned with in the world of PR. We caught up with her at 77 Degrees in North Austin over some tropical tiki drinks to hear about her journey from working as Beyoncé’s right hand to founding her own boutique agency, Juice Consulting. Heather dives deep into the essence of community engagement, the power of storytelling, and the strategic alliances that have fueled her 17 years of success.

With anecdotes from her career and insights into the PR industry, Heather shares the challenges and rewards of managing a boutique agency. She emphasizes the importance of understanding each client’s unique story and translating it into a compelling narrative. This conversation is packed with energy and valuable lessons for anyone interested in the art of PR and marketing.

Notable Quotes

  • “It’s all about understanding the unique story behind each client and translating that into a compelling narrative.”
  • “Community engagement isn’t just a strategy; it’s the heart of successful PR and marketing.”
  • “From Beyoncé’s right hand to my own agency, it’s been an incredible ride filled with learning and growth.”
  • “Connecting people and creating those ‘million dollar meetings’ is what truly excites me.”

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