Alex Leo

The Daily Beast

Alex Leo


What You'll Learn

  • What “dark post” means and how it helped Trump win the election
  • How to combine your professional skills with a personal passion to make a career move
  • Why large media companies would do well if they adopted a startup approach to innovation and digital product development

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Alex Leo is a news content and product development expert – with a resume that includes roles at ABC news, Reuters, and most recently as VP of Audience Development at the Daily Beast. And while there’s no shortage of great experience in the field, as it turns out, her education in the space began much earlier. Growing up with two writers as parents – her mom for Family Circle, amongst others, and her dad taking on conservative media – she began thinking about content at an early age. Over white wine spritzers at Fool’s Gold in New York City, Alex recalls her first steps into the industry, beginning with a traumatizing experience in visiting colleges with her parents, to pursuing english at Wesleyan University, and ultimately leading to her latest position – essentially a front row seat to observing the unprecedented and controversial marketing tactics used in the 2016 election cycle. She has a unique perspective that can only be forged by a lifelong relationship with the news – and one that has her poised for her next endeavor – starting her own thing to influence real change in the criminal justice realm.

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