Brad Lauster

Head of Product

Weight Watchers

Brad Lauster

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What You'll Learn

  • What key characteristic all User Experience designers should have.
  • The pros and cons of working for large companies.
  • The first step to approaching a career in tech.

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With the major growth of the tech industry it’s never been easier to become a specialist; from hardware to software, design and development, bootcamps and formal degrees there are no shortage of avenues to take to lead you into your career. This is much different than the opportunities Brad Lauster had when his passion for technology began – as he worked his way from the ground up copying printed programs from Atari magazine. Over Sazeracs at Fool’s Gold in NYC, he shares his wealth of experience in both hardware and software, design and development roles spanning across companies like Intel, Stanford University, Equinox – as well as starting his own product, Bindo – all while making the web a better, more usable tool. This experience is especially important today, as he leads product design at Weight Watchers and helps to bring this aging company into a more engaging future.

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