Anthony Armendariz

Pioneering Digital Design from the Web’s Dawn to Today


Anthony Armendariz


What You'll Learn

  • The evolution of digital design from the ’90s to today requires a commitment to continuous learning and adaptability.
  • Running a successful digital design agency involves balancing creative innovation with practical business acumen.
  • Investing in AI technology is the next frontier for digital product designers, offering new ways to personalize and enhance user experiences.
  • Building a team with diverse skill sets and backgrounds can significantly enhance the creative process and lead to more innovative solutions.

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Altstadt Hefe & Margaritats

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Episode Overview:

Anthony Armendariz has spent decades mastering the art and science of digital design. Starting his journey in the ’90s, Anthony transitioned from straightforward browser design and Flash to leading his own agency, Fun Size, in Austin, Teaxas. Funsize has become a beacon of innovation in digital product design, adapting to the ever-changing technological landscape while maintaining a focus on creating exceptional user experiences.

In our conversation at the Austin bar Long Play, where we enjoyed beers and margaritas, Anthony shared his insights into the evolution of digital design, the challenges of running a successful agency, and his latest venture into AI technology. His story is one of continuous learning, adaptability, and a deep passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital world.


  • “The tools we use today are vastly different from the ones we started with, but the principles of good design remain the same.”
  • “At Funsize, our focus has always been on creating exceptional user experiences that solve real problems.”
  • “AI offers an incredible opportunity to tailor digital experiences to individual users in ways we never imagined before.”
  • “Working with people you trust and who bring different perspectives to the table is crucial for any creative endeavor.”

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