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Charlie O’Donnell

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What You'll Learn

  • How to learn and grow from criticism and setbacks, especially when they are public
  • How to find and deliver value in every meeting
  • Why it’s important to know your expertise – and when to call on others who know more than you

We Been Drankin'

Ample Hills Ice Creem Milkshakes

Episode Details

In the high risk world of venture capital, investors need to not only be savvy, but also innovative. Charlie O’Donnell stands out in the crowd as one such VC whose process is nothing less than unorthodox. The native New Yorker and sole partner of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures sets his own rules – taking meetings literally anywhere with anyone, resulting in one of the most diverse portfolios (including an incredibly diverse stable of founders) to-date. Over homemade milkshakes from one of his investments, Ample Hills Ice Cream, he talks about how this diversity is important for early stage investors specifically, but not without the challenges of growing into this position of power and the scrutiny that comes along with it.

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