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Courtney Boyd Myers

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What You'll Learn

  • 03:45
    How did Courtney get started with her business, AKUA
  • 17:00
    How she got into the technology and startup world
  • 20:52
    Is mingling and being friendly in the journalism world a good thing
  • 33:26
    What a weekend through Summit is

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Courtney Boyd Myers has always been a multitasking mover. She was born in Connecticut and grew up playing in multiple sports at one time, and in a family that moved around a lot. Both of those qualities has molded her into the person she is today. Courtney is the founder of AKUA, a company that creates sustainable, seagreens-based foods, an adviser of GreenWave, a nonprofit that supports the regenerative ocean farming industry, she has invested in an ice cream store based out of Cape Town, South Africa called Unframed Ice Cream which focuses on the perfection of vegan ice cream, AND she is a Global Community Ambassador for the leadership event company, Summit. At just 33, Courtney has accomplished so much in her life and continues to grow and love all of her personal and professional endeavors.

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