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Aubrey Sabala

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Aubrey Sabala is a leading marketer in tech, with many major brands who credit part of their success to her time there: Facebook, AOL, Digg, and currently, Google, to name a few. In fact, @Aubs, as she’s known to her over 28 thousand Twitter followers, has followed a path over the past 15 years that traces the journey of the internet itself.

But in our conversation over Heitz Cellars cabernet sauvignon, we learn that that’s just scratching the surface. In fact, she cites her love of spreadsheets and the parallels she draws to scientific processes she learned while majoring in Biology and Genetics that have lead her to become the success she is today. And it’s her desire to continue to find unique opportunities for brands to provide exclusive access to the masses which will further her successes in the future.

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