Steve Martocci: Part Two



Steve Martocci: Part Two

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Last week we met with Steve Martocci and heard about the challenges of being a first time founder in the early stages of a tech startup. This week, he continues his story (as he and Dan finish the bottle Angel’s Envy bourbon) about the evolution of GroupMe from $850K to $10MM and what that growth meant. This is when it gets real.

He walks us through their growth, utilizing groundbreaking PR tactics at SXSW, to raising vs. partnership conversations with major players in the space, and finally becoming one of New York tech’s biggest exits to-date (and life beyond that acquisition). Steve’s candid account offers invaluable advice for investors and founders alike, and moreover, insight into the very nuanced and complicated realm of the startup world. (We’ll drink to that.)

For more from Steve, holler @smart and see his newest product Splice.


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