Adam Roberts

How the Amateur Gourmet went from legal briefs to gourmet feasts

The Amateur Gourmet

Adam Roberts

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What You'll Learn

  • How writing songs about food helped set his blog apart from others.
  • When his creative endeavors led to TV writing opportunities.
  • How he maintained his passion for food through various career changes.
  • How embracing his unique voice and creativity drove his success.

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Episode Summary:

Adam Roberts, also known as The Amateur Gourmet, shares his remarkable journey from an unfulfilled law student to a celebrated food blogger, TV writer, and now a novelist. His blog, which began as an escape from law school, quickly gained popularity due to Adam’s creative approach, including writing songs about food and hosting quirky contests. This unique content set his blog apart and opened doors to various opportunities, such as writing cookbooks and TV scripts. Despite exploring different ventures, Adam’s passion for food and storytelling remained constant, ultimately driving him back to blogging with renewed enthusiasm.

In this episode, we enjoyed Hendricks and tonics while diving into Adam’s career transitions and the evolution of his blog. Key moments include how writing songs about food helped set his blog apart, when his creative endeavors led to TV writing opportunities, and how he maintained his passion for food through it all. Adam’s story is a testament to following one’s passion and staying resilient in the face of change.


  • “I started a food blog as a way to document my culinary failures and successes, and it ended up opening so many doors for me.”
  • “Writing songs about food and creating quirky content made my blog stand out in the crowded food blogging space.”
  • “Moving to LA and getting into TV writing was an unexpected turn, but it taught me so much about storytelling.”
  • “Coming back to blogging felt like returning to my roots, and it reminded me of why I started this journey in the first place.”

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