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What You'll Learn

  • Why sometimes being first in the world of tech does not always guarantee your success.
  • How solving a problem can lead to creating a product, even when you don’t mean to.
  • The challenge of creating content and products that you know are too early for adoption – and the key decisions to make in this circumstance.

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La Croix Pure

Episode Details

Anthony Batt, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of VR company Wevr, obviously spends much of his time thinking about future innovations. However, it’s this curiosity that has been a driving force through much of his life and career – leading to the creation of products like Craigslist, Buzznet, and Thrash Lab, amongst others. Over La Croix Pure in his amazing office – former home to Dennis Hopper in Venice, CA – he explains his challenge of always thinking many steps ahead while waiting for technology to catch up and how this is especially true now in the lifecycle of VR.

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