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Prita Kumar

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What You'll Learn

  • How wearing multiple hats as a founder can ultimately inhibit the business
  • The challenges of running a business for three and a half years on a shoestring budget
  • Navigating the the myriad advice you receive as a founder – because everyone has some and not all of it is right for you

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Episode Details

Prita Kumar boasts an impressive resume where her academic accolades are only surpassed by her practical experience. As a NYU Stern graduate, her trajectory seemed clear as she embarked on a life in the world of finance. However, an incessant need to problem solve paired with an MBA from Harvard Business School drove her to create a product she truly believed in. Over glasses of Chardonnay provided by Alphabet CIty Wine Company (, she discusses how her concept for Booya Fitness – a streaming group exercise class experience – immediately caught on, winning grant money and sponsor backing, gaining an audience, and potential investors. Booya’s a momentum was fueled by Prita’s hard work facilitating all parts of the business, a drive that kept Booya moving forward in an uphill battle against the saturated intersection of content and fitness. Unfortunately it was a battle that Prita ultimately realized was going to prevent her from ever reaching critical mass. This Story in a Bottle shows the excitement of potential success, but illustrates the true challenges of how to stay afloat and even pivot when you desperately believe in your idea and just need that “one more thing” to keep you going – and how to pick yourself up when that one thing arrives too late.

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