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Lindsey Green

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What You'll Learn

  • Why the Millennial generation is truly unique (which makes them a challenge to market to)
  • The importance of always staying true to yourself
  • How carrying gum can lead to a huge career shift
  • That it’s possible to do more than one or two or three things at once and be successful
  • No one needs to have just one dream

We Been Drankin'

Cupcake Prosecco (out of wine glasses)

Episode Details

Lindsey Green has a life checklist and she’s quickly making her way through it. Currently, as the VP of Corporate Communications at Bustle, she is embracing being a millennial – a point of personal pride – as she helps manage the most successful site for other women like her (and, at the time of recording, the 32nd most popular site on the Internet). But in true Millennial fashion, her checklist is varied, as her career experience includes stints in fashion, food, and, of course, permeating passion for tech. As she says, “I don’t want to be less connected, I want to be more connected. I want more Internet.” Over Cupcake Prosecco in wine glass (her signature), Lindsey shares her obsessive relationship with gymnastics, why New York was always the dream, and how she’s working to combat that “there’s a great misconception of [her] generation as a whole,” especially when it comes to ego vs. empathy.

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