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Alexandra Klasinski

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Alexandra Klasinski doesn’t play by anybody’s rules. As a Silicon Valley native, she grew up surrounded by technology and thought processes about innovation, but even immersed in the heart of it all, unsurprisingly veered away from the tech path and towards her passions: art, photography and doing the unexpected. From managing a fast food restaurant to working with high profile comedy writers and eventually with musicians (and a stint in a band herself), she’s let all of her experiences stay true to her idea that every job offers the opportunity to do something new.

Over boxed rosé spritzers (which she’s coined “the douchebag”), she explained that as the music and arts spaces have evolved to be more digital centric, she has now found her space in tech. When working with companies like Lomographic Society International and Edelman didn’t prove to suit her personal growth (the primary focus of all her pursuits) she didn’t let her deter her. Today, she sits very happily at the intersection of art and tech at 20×200 as the Director of Partnerships & Programming where she is able to bring art to the masses in a way that is both special and unique to the artists, especially herself.

To see her (and other great artists’) work in action, check out 20×200. And adventures @alexandrak.

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