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From Stand-Up to Politics: A Comedian’s Journey


Jimmy Tingle

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What You'll Learn

  • Political comedy has evolved from simpler times to today’s complex and darker issues.
  • Martin Luther King Jr.’s writings profoundly influenced Jimmy’s thinking and humor.
  • Transitioning to autobiographical shows allowed Jimmy to engage audiences on a deeper level.
  • Running for political office provided Jimmy with a deep respect for the rigors of political life.Sobriety has significantly shaped Jimmy’s career and personal outlook. 

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Jimmy Tingle, legendary comedian known for his sharp political humor and reflective one-man shows, takes us through his comedic journey from the vibrant 80s Boston comedy scene to his current autobiographical performances. He shares insights on the evolution of political comedy, how Martin Luther King Jr.’s writings influenced his perspective, and the impact of sobriety on his life and career. Jimmy also delves into the challenges of running for political office and the importance of authenticity in his work. Join us for an insightful and humorous look into the life of a comedian who has continually evolved and inspired through his unique blend of humor and reflection.


  • “The issues that we talk about today are so much more complex and so much darker. The intensity of the media and the availability of information was nowhere near what it is now.”
  • “Listening to his tapes, he was doing a much bigger thing, obviously. He was talking about world events, but he was also using the power of religion and the relationship with a god.”
  • “The reason I wanted to do an autobiographical show is it’s the only thing I’m kind of sure of. It was easier to just process it, you know?”
  • “Running for elected office is hard. How many moving parts, and how much, how many people you need to answer to, and how responsible you have to be.”
  • “When I quit drinking in the 80s, that was a big spiritual influence. Asking God to help me quit drinking was like something that I was doing on a daily basis.”

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