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What You'll Learn

  • 22:00
    How does Daniel take in all the horrible events and news of each day and turn it into comedy on a deadline
  • 25:13
    What made him get into comedy writing
  • 43:42
    When your day is surrounded by comedy for a job, does it ever get overwhelming
  • 54:50
    How to create a packet to become a tv writer
  • 59:54
    What is the hardest parts of Daniel’s dream job

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Episode Details

Daniel Kibblesmith grew up loving comedy and always found himself gravitating towards writing, but it took him awhile to realize he was actually writing comedy as a career. Starting off his career in Chicago after college, Daniel worked for Groupon as an in-house comedian and wrote humorous ad copy. This lead him to becoming one of the founding editors of ClickHole which eventually lead him to Buzzed in New York City and now as a staff writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Today, he is a published author with his book Santa’s Husband and just launched a comic book, Lockjaw, for Marvel. Daniel is doing what he loves everyday and happy to share his comedy with the world.

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