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Emily White

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What You'll Learn

  • The important career lessons one can learn from jam bands.
  • A woman’s perspective to the perils and biases encountered while fundraising.
  • How understanding each part of your business is fundamental to being a strong leader.

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Emily White is the co-founder of Dreamfuel and Whitesmith Entertainment, two companies helping musicians and athletes achieve their goals. However, she began her professional career as a competitive swimmer. Born into a family of athletes, it only made sense that Emily attempt a stint in the pool but, when her interests deviated to the music world, she resourcefully used her competitive career as a springboard to get into the program of her choice at Northwestern. Over mocktails at Fool’s Gold in NYC, she describes her path through the music world – where she’s experienced almost every role in management from touring to talent – and how it’s lead her full circle back to swimming, as she contributes in a way she could’ve never envisioned.

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