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What You'll Learn

  • Why not having a technical background shouldn’t deter anyone from innovating within the space
  • The differences in the startup and tech scenes in New York versus San Francisco
  • How computer science can and should influence younger generations

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While Jocelyn Leavitt has had a clear goal throughout her academic and professional career – to make education more accessible – her path to achieving it has been anything but. The spark was ignited while she was majoring in geography at Dartmouth, however, since then she’s spent her time teaching the underprivileged in Hawaii and New York, earning an MBA from Columbia University, pursuing a path in private equity and real estate before ultimately starting in the software space. It’s this varied experience and drive to bring inclusivity to the tech world that’s given her a unique set of skills suited to create Hopscotch – the only application optimized to build and consume apps exclusively on mobile. Over micheladas from ABC Beer Company, she describes their growth since launching in 2013, and the success in continuing to inspire kids ages 9-12 in their early stages of programming to create and play games and hopefully start a lifelong love of making.

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