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Alanna Gregory

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What You'll Learn

  • Sometimes data doesn’t tell the whole story
  • How pivoting in life and in your company can be a saving grace
  • Why the motivation of founding a company should be more than big business
  • Why it’s important to put something out there, even if it’s not 100%

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Pinor Noir

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As we’ve learned, there is no clear path to successful entrepreneurship and Alanna Gregory’s story is a shining example of that. With an engineering background and beginnings in the world of finance, she was unexpectedly struck with inspiration. Now, as the co-founder of Vive, an on-demand blowout scheduling app for women in metropolitan areas, she’s had to continue to make a lot of risky decisions in order to grow and pivot her business. Over pinot noir, generously provided by Alphabet City Wine Company, she talks to us about the importance of assessing the data at every turn, but that ultimately your passion for your company is paramount to your success.

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