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What You'll Learn

  • Why sharing values with your customers and employees is table stakes for remaining relevant.
  • How flexible hours may be the solution to long-term satisfaction and productivity. (See her Medium article about it.)
  • How larger brands need to evolve their thinking around what it means to connect with their customers through truly useful content.

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As interconnectivity of the world increases, so does the call for authenticity and two-way, flexible, communication. Brands who once dominated the marketing conversations are now struggling to find meaningful ways to engage with their customers, companies large and small who once offered canned benefit packages are struggling to relate to and support their employees. Meghan Graham first became aware of this phenomena in a meta-scenario as she was reporting on the decline of advertising dollars to publishers as a writer for Wired; however, since then the writing on the wall has only become more clear. Seizing the opportunity to modernize the way we engage with people (customers, coworkers, parents, or all three) on a personal level, she founded Brick Wall Media, which is not only guiding brands to be more impactful, but setting the example for companies to do that as well.

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