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Tony Hendra

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What You'll Learn

  • Why you shouldn’t chase trends and why media matters.
  • The parallels of satirists and monks.
  • How brands can rise & fall depending on vision and leadership.

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Tony Hendra is, without question, one of comedy’s living legends. Described by the Independent of London as “one of the most brilliant comic talents of the post-war period,” Tony boasts a career including being one of the original editors of the National Lampoon magazine, discovering some of the original members of Saturday Night Live, and as one of the stars of the rockumentary This Is Spinal Tap. Over champagne at this Upper West Side apartment, he discusses how the industry and art has changed over time, particularly as it’s adapted for new media, how he’s adapted to that with his podcast the Final Edition Radio Hour, and his stance that no two vessels deliver the punch line the same.


Check out some of Tony’s latest work as founder of the Latest Edition Radio Hour:

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