Susan Rinkunas

Journalism and Justice in the Digital Age


Susan Rinkunas

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What You'll Learn

  • Judicial changes dramatically affect reproductive rights reporting.
  • Editorial independence is challenged by corporate media ownership.
  • Freelancing offers flexibility but comes with financial and professional uncertainty.
  • The future of journalism hinges on balancing integrity with innovative monetization.

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Michter’s Old Fashioned

Episode Details

In this compelling episode of “Story in a Bottle,” host Dan Maccarone welcomes Susan Rinkunas, a seasoned journalist with deep expertise in women’s health and reproductive rights, for a thoughtful discussion over Michter’s Old Fashioneds. Susan recounts her professional journey through the ever-evolving media landscape, from her early days at Runner’s World to her significant work at Jezebel and Vice Media, where she tackled complex topics such as reproductive rights and health policy. She shares personal anecdotes about the instability and challenges of freelance journalism, especially during pivotal moments like the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and subsequent shifts in abortion legislation.

The conversation takes a deeper dive into the intricacies of media operations and editorial decisions that impact content quality and journalistic freedom. Susan discusses her transitions between major media outlets, shedding light on the effects of corporate ownership and private equity on editorial content and the overall health of media organizations. Her stories highlight the tension between financial objectives and the journalistic mission to report truthfully and ethically.

Susan and Dan discuss the future of journalism, touching on the growing prevalence of digital platforms and the challenges they present, such as the impact of paywalls, the ethical concerns around AI-generated content, and strategies for sustaining quality journalism in a changing economic landscape. This rich dialogue not only offers insights into Susan’s career but also explores broader questions about the direction of media and journalism.

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