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Hilary Mason

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What You'll Learn

  • The tenets of what makes a great computer scientist
  • How computer science (and it’s subset data science) is completely accessible
  • Why data can hold the secrets to everything you need to know about your product or audience

We Been Drankin'

Apple Cider

Episode Details

One of the most important and valuable commodities in the digital world is data. However, accessing and harnessing this powerful resource can be intimidating; that’s where Hilary Mason and her team at Fast Forward Labs step in with their goal to demystify these complexities and instill confidence in their clients. As a computer scientist, Hilary has spent her career fascinated how by how she can use her programming skills, deductive reasoning, and strategic thinking to help create new, useful, and often necessary digital products. Over crisp apple cider, she discusses her experience as the chief scientist at Bit.ly and how that lead to her deciding to create her own thing.

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