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Jay Parkinson

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What You'll Learn

  • The parallels between digital product creation and innovation in the medical industry.
  • The importance of always remembering to ask “why?”
  • Why sometimes the best thing to do is the simplest.
  • How medicine is too often overly tied to tradition.
  • What having a cofounder and having a spouse have in common.

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Episode Details

The medical industry, while growing and innovating all the time, appears to be stuck in the past; often leaving patients needing something more user friendly. Jay Parkinson, MD, is trying to rethink that world, leveraging the benefits of technology and the emotionality of humanity. He founded Sherpaa in 2012 in order to make health, medicine, and insurance more accessible to everyone. And he’s just the guy to do it; while he’s a pediatrician by training, he has a clear aptitude for systems thinking (a quality which is actually antithetical to the competitive spirit encouraged in med school).

Over Bulleitt Bourbon, provided by Alphabet City Wine Company, we discussed how he’s a taken a problem solving approach and an always-ask-why mentality since med school, and how it’s lead him to focus on creating patient-centered practices and products utilizing technology to actually help people with ease.

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