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As Creative Director of one of the world’s most well-known and respected news organizations, BBC News, Ulrik Hogrebe definitely has his tasks set out for him. This is true especially when you consider the ever evolving landscape of how news is created, disseminated, and consumed on a daily basis. It’s a position which he found seemingly naturally, by way of many years of education and experience: from brand strategy at E-Types and post-graduate studies at both the Copenhagen Business School and Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, he is compelled by a desire to be a part of the “making of things.”

Luckily for us, his background also includes a stint as a bartender; so, over hand-crafted old fashioneds, he filled us in on how his experience has been about raising the bar from a culture of “good enough” to meaningful interactions, knowing when to push pride aside and ask for help, and that the best way to get into something is to just get your hands dirty. His story is a reminder to us that the best way to learn and grow, both for a product and as a person, is by not getting bogged down by formality and tools and to continue to experiment and take risks.

For more from him, see: @ulle69.

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