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Go Fractional

Eric Friedman

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What You'll Learn

  • Unique insights from experience at Union Square Ventures and Foursquare.
  • The concept of Go Fractional is introduced as a new way for executives to engage in fractional work.
  • The importance of embracing existing behavior patterns over creating new ones.
  • Trust, low ego, and embracing diverse talent are critical components for CEOs and leaders aiming to drive company growth and dynamic culture.
  • The importance of publishing one’s ideas and being actively involved in the community.

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About the Guest(s):

Eric Friedman is a seasoned professional with deep roots in the New York startup scene. His illustrious career includes significant roles at Union Square Ventures, Foursquare, and Expa Labs. At Union Square Ventures, Friedman was at the forefront of identifying and investing in high-potential startups, such as Foursquare, where he was one of the earliest employees and contributed to its growth in multiple capacities. As the head of Expa Labs, he leveraged his vast experience to propel one of the most successful accelerators in New York City. His entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him to found Go Fractional, a platform designed to foster a community for fractional executives to find work and share collective wisdom.

Episode Summary:

In this Story in a Bottle episode, host Dan Maccarone delves into the expansive New York tech ecosystem with guest Eric Friedman, whose journey weaves through some of the city’s most influential startup ventures. Friedman shares his unique experiences from Union Square Ventures to his pivotal role at Foursquare and his leadership at Expa Labs.

The conversation highlights Friedman’s latest venture, Go Fractional, which aims to revolutionize the concept of executive employment by harnessing the untapped potential of elite, high-caliber talent seeking fractional work. As Friedman unravels the rationale behind fractional work, the dialogue shifts to the multifaceted challenges and revelations accompanying finding and trusting this specialized group of executives. Listeners are treated to a deep dive into the intricate world of startups and venture capital through the lens of a seasoned insider.

Notable Quotes:

  • “It is much easier to embrace behavior than create behavior.” – Eric Friedman
  • “If everyone would just do this, it’s going to work. And I’m like, great. How do you get the first person to do that?” – Eric Friedman
  • “You could do it in three weeks versus three months.” – Eric Friedman
  • “The goal of hiring someone is to hire someone smarter than you.” – Eric Friedman
  • “I feel like you should be a paid spokesperson for gofractional.” – Dan Maccarone


Join us for the entire episode to explore the transformative ideas and inspiring stories shared by Eric Friedman. Stay tuned for more engaging content from Story in a Bottle, where tech, media, and entertainment leaders open up over their favorite beverages.


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