Stephanie Vaughan

Vice President

Block X Ventures

Stephanie Vaughan

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What You'll Learn

  • 02:45
    What is Block X Ventures and the basics of investing in blockchain companies
  • 23:03
    Why study quantitative economics at the Naval Academy in the first place
  • 39:50
    Is there a method to her madness? Plan to go from the Marines to finance

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Every choice you make in life can be a calculated decision. For Stephanie Vaughan, that is the way she let her career evolve. She was originally in the United States Marine Corp after attending the Naval Academy where she studied quantitative economics. Once her tour in Afghanistan was over, she went back to school where she received her MBA from Columbia Business School in order to further everything she already knew about finance and investment banking. She then pushed herself into the world of venture and is now Vice President of Block X Ventures. Over Sierra Nevada Kellerweis at Fool’s Gold in Manhattan, she shares with us how she went from navigating the challenges of a war to navigating the world of bitcoin and venture capital.

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