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What You'll Learn

  • As a founder, knowing when you should ask for help (in both funding and roles)
  • The benefit of knowing how to do every job in your company
  • How a lightweight, non-digital version of your product is the best proof of concept

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Assortment of Micro IPAs

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By her resume alone, it’s no surprise that Jessica Beck is a successful startup founder: from her roots at Harvard Business School and experience at McKinsey, she has been brought up with a sustainable business acumen. However, as she describes over a bevvy of micro IPAs, this sort of formal training can only take you so far. There was a lot she had to learn on the job  when creating her product, Alfred, which bridges the service industry with the on-demand expectation of users by providing the everyday person with a personal assistant, or “Alfred,” to help with their intimate daily tasks (think: errands, shopping, laundry) … without them ever actually meeting.

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