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Ashley Granata has spent her career bringing her passion for fashion to the forefront of the tech world. As an FIT grad, she lept right in as a buyer for Bloomingdale’s (on the seemingly lowest rung of the web store) and has never looked back. However, it’s because of her keen sense of the industry and drive to innovate that she is now working on her second startup in the fashion and retail tech scene.

Over Fernet Branca, she recounts how the impetus for her first co-founded company, Fashism, began with the idea of by encouraging people to feel comfortable in their own skin and find their unique style while stepping out of their comfort zone by connecting them with others. And ultimately that product also encouraged her to do the same, forcing her to step out of her own when finally making the difficult decision to close shop. However, never discouraged, we got a sneak behind the virtual curtain into her latest endeavor as Entrepreneur in Residence at Rothenberg Ventures where she is further bridging the fashion space into cutting edge VR technology. She continues to  believe that when “you know you that you look good, you feel really good and you can be at your best” and, what can we say? We’re feeling pretty good about how the future of tech is looking.

For more from her follow @ashley_jeanne.

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