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3 Tripels: Allagash, St. Bernardus, and Westmalle Trappist

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In the ecosystem of the startup and tech world, VCs play a vital role to keep the community flourishing; with the ability to coach along the best and brightest into the future, they help to cultivate innovation in many ways. Amongst them, Steve Schlafman is a natural leader. Steve is a Principal at RRE Ventures, focusing on early stage companies in mobile services, hardware, and marketplaces and what he brings to the table is a level of experience and business savvy that is truly impressive.

Steve joined us for a trio of tripels* and helped us dissect this often elusive piece of the business. From his seemingly accidental path into the investing world by way of a love of Nintendo as a kid, to Northeastern University (with an amazing co op program which encourages students to have real world experience while studying), to a stint with Microsoft and the New England Patriots, and eventually getting his foot in the door at Lerer Ventures, he has been able to refine his knack for successful business ventures and worthy founders. He explained to us why sometimes even the best ideas get passed over for 2 rounds of funding only to ultimately receive his support and what makes a standout founder in this day and age. If you are in any stage of raising, consulting, or pursuing a portfolio of your own, his is a perspective worth investing in.

For more from Steve, consult @schlaf on Twitter and check out his Guide to NYC Tech and Raising Seed Capital.

**Allagash, St. Bernardus, and Westmalle Trappist

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