Spoken, Not Stirred

Albert Wenger

As the startup world continues to expand, with it the myriad opportunities and options for success do as well; and no one process suits everyone. As a partner at preeminent VC firm Union Square Ventures, Albert Wenger navigates that everyday, and as a failed entrepreneur, it’s something he’s experienced even more personally. A self-described technology optimist, takes us through the approach he and his partners take to investing and advising companies, how, as a company, they aim to be effective and not “right,” and why staying focused on a single (evolving) thesis has lead to their success.

What You’ll Learn:

– Why as a founder one of the biggest mistakes you can make is hiring people like you.

– How raising money is like singing in the shower (and why that matters).

– How deferring funds early on is a better path to success.

– What will upstage capital as the new most important commodity in business.

– Why all software can and should be social at its core.