Spoken, Not Stirred

Alexandra Cavoulacos

There comes a time when a person struggles with the “What If” moment in their life and/or career. For Alexandra Cavoulacos, that fork in the road came when she had to decide between continuing down the stable and successful partner track as a consultant at McKinsey or to throw caution to the wind and create her own company, The Muse, a startup she co-founded with Kathryn Minshew. Over glasses of Alsatian white wine, generously provided by Alphabet City Wine Company (abcwinecompany.com), she discusses how she and Kathryn had been burned creating a startup once before and why, since choosing the startup route, she hasn’t looked back.

What you’ll learn:

– The myths and benefits of going through an accelerator program, and why the prestige should not negate the hard work it takes.

– How the stresses of a startup evolve and change as you achieve success.

– Why it’s important for founders to put themselves outside of their comfort zone; “just fucking launch.”

– Gender biases and how to navigate them in raising venture.