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Starting Your Own Thing: The Entrepreneur’s Guide

Starting Your Own Thing: The Entrepreneur’s Guide

In 2015, we had the opportunity to hear all sides of the challenges that come with creating your own company. From fundraising, the equity, to ramping up to, sometimes, failing and picking yourself back up again, these stories inspired, educated and helped give a well-rounded look at the truth around what it means to be an entrepreneur.


Matt Lieber talks about being the co-founder of Gimlet Media and accidental entrepreneur.

What we drank: Mezcal


Ellie Wheeler, partner at Greycroft, her thoughts from a venture capital standpoint are valuable for any founder.

What we drank: Mary Edwards Pinot Noir


Kevin Kearney tells the origin story of Hard Candy Shell and what drives passion around creating great products is one of the more emotional episodes of Story in a Bottle.

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Christina Wallace‘s experience founding and ultimately leaving her startup, Quincy, is one any aspiring entrepreneur should hear.

What we drank: Whiskey Gingers